Wipe the Slate Clean: How to Spring Clean the Sustainable Way

Wipe the Slate Clean: How to Spring Clean the Sustainable Way

Spring Cleaning: It's Not Just Your Grandma's Tradition (Anymore)

Here in the UK, spring has well and truly sprung. Daffodils are brightening our gardens with their pale-yellow petals, birds are welcoming the longer days with a springtime chorus, and bumblebee queens are beginning to wake up from their winter hibernations. Sounds blissful, right?

The only problem with all that peace, tranquillity and sunshine is that it reveals something we have been ignoring since before we pulled out our favourite Christmas jammies… mess! That’s right – there’s nothing like the beautiful outdoors outshining our chaotic and (let’s face it) grubby indoors to inspire some spring cleaning action.

If you’re anything like us, springtime always comes with a wake-up call and a boost of energy to blitz our homes from top to bottom. It’s the time of year when we find ourselves binge-watching speed cleaning videos and Googling things like ‘minimalism’ and ‘decluttering’.

But did you know that spring cleaning actually dates back thousands of years? From Passover preparations in Judeo-Christian cultures to ancient Buddhist purification rituals to Khane Tekani (“shaking the house”) traditions in Persian culture, spring cleaning is a natural human phenomenon. And that’s not all! Decluttering your home also benefits your mental and physical health: it reduces stress and anxiety; improves sleep; reduces asthma and allergy risks and can even help your productivity and concentration!

Now that you’re channelling your inner Monica Geller, and you’re motivated to do some spring cleaning, keep reading to discover our top tips for how to clean your home sustainably.

Tip 1: In Lieu/Loo of Plastics

Swap out those unrecyclable plastic bathroom cleaners for natural toilet bombs! Made from citric acid and baking soda, and infused with fresh essential oils, this cleaner tackles yucky grime without harsh chemicals. If you used harmful products in the past, now’s the time to come clean and make the sustainable swap!

Tip 2: From Zero to Hero

Join the zero-waste club with this stylish bamboo dish brush set. Scrub your conscience clean with these versatile, biodegradable and sustainable brushes, made from sisal and bamboo (a natural anti-bacterial and renewable resource).

Tip 3: A Fresh Start

For the eco-warrior newbies, we’re proud to offer a one-of-a-kind eco-cleaning starter pack. Overflowing with our favourite green cleaning products (and some bonus laundry products too!), this is the perfect way to begin your sustainable cleaning journey.

Make a clean getaway from your old, unsustainable cleaning routine! With the help of Sustainable Mode, your favourite online eco-store, your spring cleaning will not only improve your home, but the whole planet too. Click here to check out our full range of eco-friendly cleaning products: https://sustainablemode.co.uk/collections/home-cleaning


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