Turn Over a New Leaf: Celebrating Arbour Day in 2024

Turn Over a New Leaf: Celebrating Arbour Day in 2024

Why is Planting trees so good for our planet?

Ash. Baobab. Cypress. These are the ABCs that future eco-warriors are learning in school nowadays. The youngest generations are being taught how to protect our planet through reducing carbon footprints, cutting pollution, using renewable energies and (you guessed it) planting trees.

But have you ever stopped to consider why planting trees is so good for the planet? What makes it better than planting flowers? Can planting trees really help people living in urban areas?

Superman who?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? No – it’s trees! In the midst of the climate crisis, we can’t rely on Superman to save our planet, but we can rely on trees. Not only do they remove carbon from our atmosphere, but they store it for centuries! They also serve as amazing natural flood defences, protecting at-risk low-lying areas from climate change disasters.

Food, glorious food

Did you know that the World Bank has mobilised $45 billion to tackle food security issues worldwide? You read that right – $45 billion! Trees can help to increase food production by providing shelter for livestock, improving soil health and preventing soil erosion. Let’s get planting, farmers!

Health is wealth

Although it sounds like we’re barking up the wrong tree, studies show that nature actually improves our health and wellbeing. It’s true! Trees can lower our blood pressure, slow our heart rates and reduce the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in our blood… all whilst looking pretty and saving Mother Nature. Now that’s multitasking!


It’s official: one third of all woodland wildlife species are in decline, so we need to safeguard trees now more than ever. Important native critters like dormice, butterflies, birds and bats all depend on trees to breed and thrive. Let’s protect our biodiversity before it’s too late!

Talk of the town

Trees are needed in urban spaces too! In addition to the snazzy benefits above, they can reduce indoor and outdoor pollution by up to 50%. Want to know the value of air pollution removal by vegetation to the UK economy? Experts estimate it is £12 billion!

Our mission

Since our creation, Sustainable Mode has prioritised reforestation and giving back. This is why we plant a tree for every order over £15. Today, we are so proud to announce that we have planted a total of 268 trees!

The Arbor Day Foundation aims to plant 500 million trees by 2027 and we couldn’t be more excited. To celebrate Arbour Day this year, on Friday 26th April, why not support your friendly neighbourhood eco-store? Join us in planting seeds for a greener future: https://sustainablemode.co.uk/collections

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