The Ultimate Eco-friendly Laundry Routine: From Household Chore to Doing More

The Ultimate Eco-friendly Laundry Routine: From Household Chore to Doing More

Unless your self-confidence is through the roof, or you’re an emperor who has just been tricked into showing off your “new clothes”, there’s a good chance that you wear freshly laundered clothing around the clock. Although these silky-smooth fabrics with delicious fragrances appear clean and natural on the surface, there’s a good chance that your stylish outfits are actually damaging your health.

Did you know that approximately 80,000 chemicals are used in clothing and laundry detergent? That figure might seem astronomically high, but that’s not the worst part: the majority of these chemicals contain known carcinogens and hormone disruptors such as ammonium sulphate and formaldehyde! That’s right – the toxic chemical used to preserve dead bodies can be found in many laundry products currently on the market. That’s great news for the local zombies, but less good for us living folk!

And there’s more! As well as compromising our personal health, there’s evidence that the standard way of doing our laundry can damage Mother Nature too. With 58% of UK households owning a tumble dryer, it’s not surprising that laundry has enlarged our carbon footprints in recent years. After all, it takes more than triple the amount of carbon to tumble dry a load of washing compared to simply hanging it on the line.

To us at Sustainable Mode, there’s never been a better time to introduce an environmentally friendly laundry regime to your household. Read on to discover the three simple steps that can make this chore go from dreary to cheery.  

Keep a Clean Sheet

Swap out toxic plastic detergents for our eco-friendly laundry sheets! Simply add one sheet to your load of laundry and let the powerful, plant-based formula do the rest. Kind to sensitive skin and the environment, these plastic-free laundry sheets have 100% compostable packaging so that you can embrace the zero-waste lifestyle with ease.

Play it Cool

Remove stubborn stains with the all-natural Savon de Marseille laundry soap before popping your items in a 30°C wash. Made with a tried-and-true, authentic French recipe, this plastic-free soap will help to reduce your carbon footprint and cut down on those harmful stain-removers. As we always say, “no matter how dirty, wash on 30”!

Easy Breezy

Now that the weather is warming up, why not ditch your electricity-guzzling tumble dryer for a simple clothes rack or washing line? Use our sustainable bamboo clothes pegs for extra zero-waste brownie points and enjoy the feeling of freshly dried laundry all day long.

Don’t let your harmful laundry routine wear the trousers – take back control this springtime with the help of Sustainable Mode, the only online eco-store you’ll ever need! Click here to browse our full range of sustainable laundry products:

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