Home Sweet Home: Sourcing Sustainable Scents

Home Sweet Home: Sourcing Sustainable Scents

At the end of a long day fighting for climate justice, there’s nothing worse than coming home to the smell of wet dog, last night’s garlic pasta or – worst of all – slightly “overripe” bin.

When you’re at your wit’s end, it’s tempting to whip out a toxic aerosol from the back of the cupboard to mask those nasty odours, but that’s the last thing Mother Nature needs.

Keep reading to find out how to make your home smell beautiful the sustainable way.

Just spray no

We may not be teenage boys masking the smell of sweaty gym socks with Lynx Africa, but so many of us still spray aerosols like they’re going out of fashion. Did you know that some aerosols absorb light radiation and contribute to the warming of our atmosphere? It’s true! And those that aren’t directly affecting global warming are still just unrecyclable bottles of highly toxic chemicals designed to block the natural function of our sweat glands… what awful stuff!

Sniffing out the past

Our sense of smell is deeply connected to our identities and personalities – and no, we’re not just talking about judging people based on their choice of perfume! Smells are processed by our limbic system, the part of the brain which controls mood, memory, emotion and behaviour. Think about it – has a smell ever triggered a long-forgotten event or experience? A grandparent’s cooking? The pollen from your favourite flower? Scientists are even using smells to treat neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease as they can increase positive emotions and decrease anxiety.

Aromatherapy? Aromathera-please!

For centuries, humans have been improving our wellbeing through breathing in essential oils – a practice known as aromatherapy. The most popular essential oils include lavender (for relaxing), tea tree (for healing), peppermint (for soothing) and lemon (as a mood booster).

With our vegan, travel-sized room and pillow mists, you can enjoy fresh and invigorating scents anywhere you go. Brimming with ethical, plant-based ingredients, they can be your portable pocket of tranquillity.

You can even enjoy these beautiful fragrances whilst you drive! Sustainable Mode now offers a stylish and reusable car diffuser in five delicious scents, so your car can be as eco chic as your home!

Shine a light

The final way to make your home smell more beautiful is through sustainable scented candles. There’s nothing more relaxing than the warm flicker of a gentle flame… and they make for stunning eco-friendly gifts too!

Join us in “just spraying no” to harmful aerosols in 2024. Click here to browse our full range of sustainable alternatives – you too can save our planet one sniff at a time!


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