Embracing Girl Power: How to Have A Sustainable Galentine’s Day

Embracing Girl Power: How to Have A Sustainable Galentine’s Day

Until 2010, February 13th was a day of last-minute chocolate-buying, date-finding and restaurant-booking chaos. But when Amy Poehler’s legendary Parks and Recreation character, Leslie Knope, introduced Galentine’s Day in season 2, episode 16, February 13th took on a whole new meaning.

Today, Galentine’s Day is an unofficial holiday that celebrates female empowerment and reminds women all over the world to support and uplift one another. Not only does this behaviour make the world a fairer place, but research from Harvard Business Review shows that women who have ‘an inner circle of close female contacts are more likely to land executive positions with greater authority and higher pay’. In other words, girl power (when combined) can smash those glass ceilings to smithereens! How amazing is that?

At Sustainable Mode, we’re celebrating Galentine’s Day by hosting a girly pamper session with our closest gal pals. And not just any girly pamper session… you guessed it – an ethical and sustainable girly pamper session!

To help you organise your own Galentine’s soirée, we’ve narrowed down the list to three essential items that will ensure you and your friends end the evening feeling restored and empowered. Keep reading to explore our selection.

Step 1: Cleanse

Soothe and purify your skin with our bestselling Cucumber and Quinoa Gentle Face Cleanser. With a refreshing mango and coconut cream scent, you and your besties can leave the day’s stresses and worries at the door! Oh, and did we mention that this rejuvenating cleanser comes in an eco-friendly glass bottle?

Step 2: Refresh

Next on the menu – a few spritzes of our Rose and Cucumber Wonder Toner… any guesses why ‘wonder’ is in the name? This revitalising toner will balance and hydrate your skin, leaving it looking smoother and with reduced redness. It’s truly wonderful, and your gal pals will agree.

Step 3: Glow

To end the evening with vibrant and radiant skin, make sure to use our Skin Glow Potion. Say “goodbye” to greasy face creams and “hello” to a fast-absorbing, vitamin-packed formula that ensures your skin appears brighter and more youthful in no time. Who says sustainable skincare had to be difficult?

When everyone is feeling cleansed, refreshed and glowing, that’s our signal to turn on a classic chick flick and bring out the popcorn… but not before ordering a couple more bottles of skincare from Sustainable Mode!

To receive 20% off these three products, and many more in our self-care collection, use the discount code LOV3IN741R at the checkout. Happy Galentine’s Day!


Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

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