And They Called it Puppy Love: Eco-friendly Pet Pampering

And They Called it Puppy Love: Eco-friendly Pet Pampering

Most pet-owners will agree that our pets are more than just animals; they are essential parts of our families. From giving us more active lifestyles to extra warm (if not a bit smelly) snuggles on the sofa, they are little rays of sunshine in our everyday lives. But did you know that our fascination with pets is not because they’re useful, not because they will make us live longer, and not even because they are cute?

Dr John Bradshaw, a leading Anthrozoologist and Researcher at the University of Bristol, writes that keeping pets is an intrinsic part of human nature caused by evolution. His latest book, The Animals Among Us, tells us that the humans who were knowledgeable about animals were highly valuable in the past and often seen as “more trustworthy” in society. He also discusses how stroking animals releases positive hormones in humans because it reminds us of our grooming behaviours when we were hairy primates! The human-animal bond has never been stronger, argues Dr Bradshaw, and keeping pets will spread to more cultures in the future too.

When you take all of that into consideration, we have an awful lot to be thankful for when it comes to our pets. They might cause some mischief every now and again (sorry squirrels), but they give us all of their love every single day of the year. So, this Valentine’s Day, why not take the opportunity to show them how much you love them with a sustainable gift or two?

Heart-Shaped Dog/Puppy Toy

Made from 100% recycled cotton fibres, this heart-shaped rope is the perfect green addition to your furry friend’s toy box. Here at Sustainable Mode, we love reducing waste and giving life to new materials, so go ahead… give your pup something eco-friendly to chew on! They’ll fall head over paws for it!

Selection of Grain Free delights

It will be love at first bite with these delicious doggy biscuits! These treats are full of fibre and ideal for dogs with wheat intolerances since they are cooked with rolled oat flour. With recyclable and compostable packaging, they are great for mother nature and great for dogs who always seem to say “Mum/Dad, I’m starving!”.

Nose and Toes Smoothing Paw Balm

When harsh elements are tough on your pampered pup’s paws and nose, why not give them the ultimate paw-tection? An all-natural, lick-safe balm made with love and gentle ingredients! This balm deeply hydrates rough skin and dry noses, leaving them moisturised with a light, pleasant scent that more appealing than your pup’s usual “mystery puddle” aroma.

Thanks to our Green Paws Collection, pet parents no longer need to choose between pet happiness and environmental consciousness. This Valentine’s Day, you can pamper your pet completely guilt-free! That’s what we call the perfect love story.

Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash

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